Emily Ann Plizak



EmilyAnnPlizak was born, raised, and educated in Philadelphia, PA. She moved across the country to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her dream of hosting a late night talk show on a network. After graduating from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Production, she worked freelance in commercial production for 5 years until she landed a job as a producer + host at Green Bee Life, a digital cannabis lifestyle network which opened her up to writing and educating cannabis. Currently, she is a proud brand ambassador for MyFoli.com, a cannabis lifestyle platform targetting baby boomers.


Emily Ann is a proud cannabis advocate as she self-medicates for relief from her chronic pain associated with her Lyme Disease that she's had since she was 7 years old. She enjoys supporting craft cannabis brands in their mission to educate consumers on the plant's many benefits.


Her nurturing personality has always fueled her love for animals. She was an active member of a 4H Club for 10 years. (Emily Ann knows how to wrangle cattle!) She rescued a chubby Russian Blue cat named Molly who can always be found on her lap or by her side when relaxing at home.




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