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 about me 

Height: 5"4   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Blonde


The official spokeswoman for Gurunanda Essential Oils. Cat and pizza lover, only child, dirty joke teller. Wishes she enjoyed spicy foods like most people in Los Angeles, CA. She has a small town, girl-next-door look with a sassy big city attitude. Her wardrobe is flooded with flower print patterns and pastel colors with a mix of goofy t-shirts and ripped jeans. No matter how hard she tries, brand new pickle jars are tough for her to open with her little dainty hands. She finds the people who believe to be true news sadly amusing and entertaining to talk to.



MetroPCS           |   "Coupon"                           |   2017  |   OCP non dialogue​

GuruNanda Oils  |   Product "How To" Videos  |   2017  |   Spokeswoman​


GSN                     |    Divided                             |   2017  |   Contestant

E!                         |   Catching Kelce: Preview    |   2017  |   Auditionee

The FABlife Show |  90s Special: Fuller House   |   2016  |   Hair Model


Blazing Infinity Films   |   Linked   |   2016  |   Lead Actor - Amber Williams

 Training & Workshops 

Upright Citizens Brigade   |   Comedy Improv 101   |   Ben Siemon

Upright Citizens Brigade   |   Comedy Improv 201   |   Billy Merritt

Upright Citizens Brigade   |   Comedy Improv 301   |  Pam Murphy

 Special Skills 

Hosting, crying on command, public speaking, improvisation, , working in production, shooting short films, submitting work to film festivals, singing, jogging, modeling, goofing around, wrangling cattle, cuddling cats, walking dogs, shooting pool, throwing darts.

 Download Full Resume 
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